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Destination Spotlight - Icon of the Seas

Recently, Royal Caribbean launched the maiden voyage of its newest ship The Icon of the Seas. It’s the largest cruise ship in the world. A marvel of engineering, this colossal vessel, meticulously crafted over 900 days at a shipyard in Turku, Finland, stands as a testament to human ingenuity. But is it right for you? 

I’ve said it a million times, answering that question is a personal affair. I’ve certainly been on the previous "largest ships in the world" and their sheer size is simply astounding. Did I enjoy myself? Yes, but that’s because I was on vacation. It seems like a lot of people until you step on board and realize how spread out and open everything is. Almost everywhere you go is a walking adventure! My biggest issue with new ship launches is the pricing. A LOT of people want to be one of the “first” people on board and they will pay a premium to be there. So look for Royal Caribbean newest ship to be on the pricy side for a while. 

My best advice is to seek the counsel of a trusted cruise travel advisor who can answer all your questions about ship size, itinerary options, cabin location, and best time of year to travel based on the ports of call. Sure, do your internet research but before you book, talk with an expert. 

For those who are curious, here is a little information about the Icon of the Seas. Dwarfing even the iconic Eiffel Tower in length, the Icon boasts 20 decks and welcomes aboard a population equivalent to that of a small city. With a capacity to host over 5,600 passengers (and a maximum of 7,600) along with a dedicated crew of 2,350, the ship promises an immersive experience like no other. A floating oasis of entertainment and indulgence, this ship offers an array of amenities to captivate and delight. Seven swimming pools, including a spectacular 40,000-gallon "lake," six exhilarating water slides, a whimsical carousel, and what Royal Caribbean proudly claims to be the largest ice arena at sea, beckon travelers to a world of boundless excitement.

Dining on the Icon is a culinary odyssey, with more than 40 venues and bars promising an exquisite array of flavors. But that's not all; to serenade the senses, the ship welcomes aboard 50 musicians and comedians, complemented by a magnificent 16-piece orchestra, ensuring that boredom remains an unfamiliar concept.

Valued at an astounding $2 billion, the Icon heralds the dawn of Royal Caribbean's new Quantum Class of ships. Beyond its sheer size, the vessel champions eco-friendliness, powered by the innovative Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). 

In a ceremony befitting its stature, the Icon was christened by global soccer sensation Lionel Messi, now part of the Inter Miami side, who, with a push of a button, ushered in the ship's maiden voyage, symbolized by a Champagne bottle crashing against its majestic bow.

As the Icon embarks on its sold-out inaugural cruise, weaving through the azure waters of the Caribbean, it promises a week-long escapade of unparalleled luxury and adventure. At 2,000 feet long (365 meters), this maritime marvel proudly claims the title of the world's largest cruise



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