Insight for Living with Chuck Swindoll

Insight for Living with Chuck Swindoll

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Insight for Living is the Bible-teaching ministry of author and pastor Charles R. Swindoll. Insight for Living is committed to excellence in communicating biblical truth and its application.

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Stop Acting Perfect and Start Being Vulnerable, Part 3
Someone once accurately said: “We are not who we are. We are not even who we think we are. We are who we think others think we are.” In the mix of that, we cultivate the habit of faking it. We’ll learn today that there is a much better way to live. It calls for letting down our guard. It requires modeling reality. It has to do with no longer polishing our image.

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A Plea for Integrity

Ours is a day of bending the rules and rationalizing the wrong. Even the ranks of ministry have been tainted. The need? A return to integrity . . . not sinless perfection but absolute honesty and an absence of duplicity. Impossible? Let’s let Daniel’s life answer that for us.


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