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5 Lies Women Believe and How to Combat Them

This morning, my teen asked if she could do something that quickly prompted me to reply in my standard mom response – "no!" After the usual grunts, groans, and "bruh," I was told I don't know how to have any fun and that I'm just old and boring. Hmm. Yep, I guess you could say that. But, just for the record, this boring "old lady" still knows how to have fun. It just generally revolves around a cup of coffee.After that fun and feisty teen left for school, it just got me thinking about how many times a quick-witted remark, sharp judgmental glare, or simple (yet oh so complex) negative thought can easily change my entire demeanor. Before too long, I find myself going down this ugly trail of thought and start believing all kinds of crazy things. Then the floodgates open as the past begins to resurface, painful memories unfold, and this tight feeling in my chest slowly starts to choke out any clarity, exposing lies upon lies. And sadly, I entertain them all.I really hate how lies sneak in and demand to be heard. All the while forcing us to put on a brave face, pretending that all is good, when the battle rages on inside, capturing our thoughts, ransoming our hearts, and staking claims to our souls. Friends, we have to fight, and it starts with a simple word - no!No, we will not entertain the enemy and let lies today.So, will you join me today as we seek to call out some of the most common lies women believe and how to combat them with the Truth? And, who knows, if you sit here and read this with a cup of coffee, you might even have fun or at least find enjoyment knowing God's Truth will always defeat the enemy.And that right there is worth celebrating!
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Is it Wrong to Love Myself?

When I think of the life of Jesus, I think of how much he loved others first and cared for others in all circumstances. He loved us so much that He died a brutally painful death on the cross for us (John 3:16). So, the thought of loving myself seems to go against the Christian way of living, right?

The Bachelor's Madi Prewett Discusses How She Stands Firm in Her Faith

So I came into college with as many questions as I had in high school, really asking, you know, where do I fit in? How do I belong? How do I get guys' attention? How do I make other people love me and want me and accept me ... a lot of questions that I feel like a lot of us wrestle with because we all want to be loved. We all want to be known. We all want to feel like we belong

How to Find and Embrace Your Voice

The most vital step of all in discovering and embracing your voice is partnering with the Lord. Ultimately using your voice should glorify Him who graciously gave you that voice, but there must be a connection to understand how and when, and in what context it is to be used.

Breaking the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts

We have chaotic thought lives. These thoughts often lead to wild emotions, true? Emotions that tell us how to behave. Those behaviors dramatically affect our relationships, continuing that downward spiral we looked at previously. ... Yet we walk around acting as if we have no power over what we allow into our minds.

6 Ministries for Women Over 50

Instead of resigning themselves to take less of a role in church ministry, women over 50 can engage in some great ministries that not only benefit them, but the local body as a whole.

32 Beautiful Bible Verses All Women Should Know

The Bible is God’s living word that teaches, inspires, corrects, and builds up. When women of God approach Scripture, they can come with confidence that it will speak to every issue and worry they have and equip them to reflect the love of God. God’s word contains beautiful poetry, wisdom, and the truth women need to develop a strong faith.Here are 32 beautiful Bible verses that every woman should know.Photo credit: ©Getty Images/Povozniuk

20 Ideas for a Fun Girls' Night In

We all have weeks that seem to take forever. Our meetings at work are back to back. We have to run the kids all over the place and, of course, keep up with household chores and other responsibilities. It is exhausting. What better way to say goodbye to a hectic week than to hang out with your gal pals on a Friday night? What’s even better? Spending a girls’ night in and having to spend little to no money to have a great time. Here are some ideas for your next girl’s night in.
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Is God a Feminist?

Asking if God is a feminist doesn't seem necessary as he was one before the term was ever needed. But because sin altered the world in which he created, God compensated for the broken hierarchy that evil subsequently established.

A New Perspective of the Woman Caught in Adultery

The woman caught in adultery should not be condemned throughout all time with a mistaken identity just because she is a woman used as a trap set for Jesus. “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared (John 8:11).

7 Ways to Replace Envy with Joy for Friends

Friends are people who are placed in our lives as extended family. They are with us through trials and tribulations. They're there for fun times, to extend advice. A friend is someone you can be your authentic self with. They are someone you can trust and someone who trusts you. They provide companionship to help avoid loneliness. Friends wear many hats and play many roles. So it would seem preposterous to envy their good fortune, right? Well, unfortunately, this happens more often than not. Sometimes it's a conscious thing done for different reasons. Other times it's done subconsciously. Whether we want to admit it or not, we've all glared at a friend with the green-eyed monster for something, knowing that we shouldn't have. When anything good occurs in a friend's life, it should be celebrated by other friends with a pure heart and a clear mind. If you find yourself struggling with being envious of a friend's prosperity, look at the list below to discover simple ways to replace envy with joy.Photo credit: ©Youngoldman

How God Helped Me Break Free from Chronic Worry

We speak the name of Jesus over the situation and trust Him to intercede on our behalf. And we know that whatever the Spirit prays, it is in accordance with the will of God. There is great comfort in this!

Why Female Gender Is More Than a Feeling

The affliction of gender confusion or dysphoria may not be outwardly visible. But overwhelmingly, the women and girls who suffer from it feel every bit as alienated—not only from others but also from themselves. Were Jesus walking among us today, I can’t help but wonder how He would respond to the lonely little girl who feels like she doesn’t fit or to the broken woman trying to heal herself of a soul-deep wound.He would be as He always has been—infinitely kind, tender-hearted, patient, understanding, and deeply moved by her pain.

5 Ways to Fight Fatigue

It’s essential to not only ask for help but receive the help with appreciation, gladness, and gratitude.

Is it Biblical to Love Myself?

Sometimes we’re made to feel guilty for recognizing our personal value. It’s deemed a sign of conceit and considered almost evil by some religious leaders who caution against pride. But loving ourselves leads to loving others.

6 Reasons to Leave a Narcissistic Friendship

Leaving a friendship is hard for any of us. Sometimes friendships end because of life situations, or they simply drift apart. There are also times when friendships have to end because one friend hurt the other beyond repair. In the case of being friends with a narcissist, there are many reasons to leave the friendship. Nowhere in the Bible does God command us to remain in a narcissistic friendship.Here are six reasons why you should leave a narcissistic friendship:Photo Credit: ©iStock/Getty Images Plus/AntonioGuillem

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