10 Things You Need to Know about the Unforgivable Sin

“One of the questions that often comes up is, ‘Can I commit a sin that God cannot forgive?’. According to Jesus, there is one that can't be forgiven—not in this age or the age to come. Here are 10 things you should know about the "unpardonable sin."

10 Secular Movies That Teach Christian Values

Sometimes, it’s helpful to divide modern movies into two categories: faith-based and secular. Doing so, though, has one major downside: It can prevent us from seeing the truth – and perhaps even the gospel – in secular films.

6 Things Satan Wants More Than Anything Else

When we allow the words of the enemy to have power in our lives, we come into agreement with things that directly oppose God’s Word. Here are seven things Satan wants more than anything else:

Our Top 10 Mistakes in 50 Years of Marriage

The popular thing to write on one's 50th anniversary is a glowing tribute to one's spouse in admiration for her patience and perseverance, but I know also that few would benefit from reading that. What interests people and benefits other marriages is learning from our mistakes.

10 Things You Need to Know about the Number 666

The number "666" is the number of the name of the coming Antichrist. Giving a number to a name is called "gematria," which is the Greek practice of adding up the letters in someone's name. Here's what else you need to know about the "number of the beast".

8 Prayers for When You Can't Sleep

Often when we find ourselves awakened in the middle of the night, worry, fear, and struggles can press hard. Peace feels far away. If you’ve found yourself there recently, here are eight powerful verses and prayers to help you focus your heart and mind on God.

10 Signs You Might Be Legalistic

Galatians 5 doesn’t mince words when it comes to legalism. It happens when we get so tied to the letter of the law that we forget to incorporate God’s love, mercy, and grace. It’s far too easy to let legalistic thoughts slip into my mind. Even a tiny little bit of that destructive yeast can spread through the entire batch of dough.


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